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A selection of a few points of interest from the following standards and regulations:

[1] EN ISO 14122-3:2016

[2] ČSN 74 3305:2017


  • 1/handrail, 2/knee rail, 3/toe-plate, 4/stanchion, 5/walking level [1]

  • The minimum height of the handrails shall be 1100mm [1]
  • The distance between the axes of the stanchions is preffered to be limited to 1500mm. [1]
  • The clear space between the two stanchions shall not be less than 50mm and not greater than 120mm [1]

  • Where access through the guard-rail is required, a self-closing gate shall be used. [1]
  • The shape of the handrail should have a diameter between 25mm to 50mm or an equivalent shape [1]
  • The length of the handrail shall be clear of obstacles within a distance of 75mm [1]

  • minimum permissible handrail height [2]
    1/lowered - 900mm : depth of clearance d ≤ 3m
    2/basic - 1000mm : all cases except 1,3,4
    3/increased - 1100mm : depth of clearance d > 12m
    4/special - 1200mm : depth of free space d > 30m
  • cross-section of the handrail: Shall be suitable for grasping by hand from above and be able to enclose at least 3/4 of a circle 40mm to 50mm in diameter (in adult access operations) [2]
  • There must be a clear horizontal distance of 50mm between the handrail and the handrail structure to allow a secure grip on the handrail[2]